The Arrowhead Collection

The design

Inspired by wood cabins and rustic escapes, we designed our Arrowhead collection with the harmonies of nature in mind. The simple white lettering is set against a deep forest green, making Arrowhead house numbers, address plaques, and name plates the perfect complement to natural architectural materials. Available in a range of sizes, the Arrowhead collection is exceptionally suited for outdoor, yard and garden signage. 

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Arrowhead’s material counterparts

Timber, dark and light woods and natural surfaces are beautifully highlighted with our Arrowhead green. A porcelain enameled sign from this collection can provide the ideal detail to a wood-framed home, mountain cabin, or lakeside property. 

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The places and spaces for an Arrowhead sign

The getaway. Our Arrowhead signs are a popular choice for those seeking to add a unique detail to a weekend or vacation retreat. Fabricated to last, Arrowhead handcrafted porcelain enamel signs are excellent for exteriors and can be maintained without effort. Resistant to the elements, our enamel glaze is able to withstand sun-drenched summers and cold wet winters. Even if you shutter up your hideaway for a season, your door sign will hold its full colour until the next–and for years to come. 

The garden.Whether you have an expanse of land or a modest patch of terrace green, a custom enamelled Arrowhead sign can bring another dimension to the design of your outdoor space. An imaginative outdoor sign can be an original addition to your garden or urban sanctuary. Because of their durability, they are often used as private property signs or to delineate boundaries of a newly seeded soil. 

The interior. An Arrowhead sign can add a cosy decorative accent to any room. Place a personalised Arrowhead sign above the fireplace, in the foyer, or on the study door. 

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Why we love the collection

It is natural, in any setting.  The high contrast between the pure white lettering and rich green base colour ensures these signs remain visible from a distance. Up close, the enamelled relief gives the sign an added dimension. An Arrowhead sign can blend with the landscape without disappearing. Backed with a lifetime guarantee, every sign we produce reflects our commitment to traditional, time-tested techniques.  

What’s your design idea?

Looking for a different colour palette or need more inspiration? Browse our other collections to find the perfect house number or address plaque for your home or garden—or create your own design.