The Highlander Collection

The design

Before the dawn of the twentieth century, fabricators would typically style porcelain enamelled signs with a double trim. As a result, this framing treatment became the standard. The outer border offers an additional buffer to chipping and weathering, while the inner trim serves a decorative purpose. Both come together to create a singular aesthetic.

Our ability to reproduce the original details of nineteenth-century porcelain enamel signage makes the Highlander collection one of our most historically accurate and distinguished designs.

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Highlander’s material counterparts

Our black and white Highlander house numbers, address plaques and nameplates offer a sharp contrast to brick and slate, as well as natural and painted wood. The black double trim, elegant serif typeface, and lustrous white surface make it particularly compatible with decorative architectural styles.

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The places and spaces for a Highlander sign

The historic home. The style of our Highlander collection emerged during the mid-nineteenth century, coinciding with the design movements of the Victorian era. In the United States, eclectic revival architecture fused styles and influences: the Second Empire, the Stick, and the often vividly coloured Queen Anne styles became popular in both cities and rural areas. Our Highlander signs stand out against bold, vibrant backgrounds and correspond well with ornate details.

The bed and breakfast.  Decorative, yet light, our Highlander porcelain enamelled signs can provide a complete design concept for the traditional country bed and breakfast. The black and white colour scheme makes the signs in this collection highly legible, while the hand-stencilling technique gives each number and letter a natural variation within an overall uniformity. Highlander address plaques, interior door signs and room numbers can give these establishments—which are often examples of significant residential architecture—the charm of home.

The special event. The slender typography of our Highlander collection is ideal for graceful presentation pieces. Often requested for weddings and other formal occasions, the signs in this series can be used for guest table nameplates and labels, directional signs, and a one-of-a-kind memento.

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Why we love the collection

We think of a Highlander sign as our signature black dress or tailored suit: sophisticated, with an impeccable fit. Superior materials and authentic craftsmanship make our Highlander porcelain enamel house numbers and address plates appropriate for land marked homes, as well as other traditional style dwellings.

What’s your design idea?

Looking for a different colour palette or need more inspiration? Browse our other collections to find the perfect house number or address plaque for your home or garden—or create your own design.