The Importance of Custom Wedding Signage

Wedding Table DecorationsWeddings are the ultimate celebration of love. The uniting of two families and two people promising their lives to each other is something so pure and beautiful that it deserves to be honoured and treasured. But a successful wedding day doesn’t just happen by magic, it involves months of meticulous planning and organisation. 


Wedding planning is fun and exciting. Between choosing the menu, the dress fittings and debating who will be on the guestlist, it is a time to be treasured and enjoyed. However, one aspect of wedding planning that is often overlooked is signage. A small but important detail, wedding signs are essential for setting the tone for the day’s festivities.  

What Signs Do I Need For My Wedding? 

There are many different styles of wedding signs. From welcome signs to place settings, it is important to help guests navigate the events of the day. Wedding signs can take many forms, from cardboard printouts, whimsical carved wooden signs to hand stencilled enamel signs, there is a design to suit every wedding. Pinterest, top wedding blogs and magazines offer endless pages of design inspiration for choosing the perfect sign for your big day, however, it is important to have in mind what you want to use your signs for.

Here are our top ideas for signs to use at your wedding

- A welcome sign that is displayed at the entrance of your venue will create a lovely first impression for guests.
- A ‘Pick a Seat, Not a Side’ sign is a nice touch for uniting the families and bringing people together. 
- A wedding hashtag sign can be a helpful way for people to share and find photos of your big day. 
- Seating Plans allow guests to easily find their seats at the wedding breakfast. 
- Table names add a funny and creative touch to the dining area with each table being named after something close to the couple’s hearts. 
- A fancy place setting gives guests a thoughtful souvenir to remember the day by. 
- Directional signs allow guests to easily navigate their way around the day’s activities. 
- A gift table sign is a helpful touch showing guests exactly where they are to deposit their wedding gift envelopes. 
-Photo Booth signs are a fun way to tell guests what kind of photos they can take
- Marquee signs add your personal touch to the day
- Bride and Groom signs for the chairs of the bride and groom add a cute touch to the day and can be saved and used as wall art in the newlywed’s home. 
- Favour Signs can be a nice idea if you want your guests to donate to a charity of your choice or if you want to advertise a table of party favours for your guests.

    The list above contains just some of our suggestions. Every wedding is different and therefore the signs needed will vary. However, regardless of how you choose to celebrate your day, having a sign that commemorates your love is a great wedding memento. 


        What Material Shall I Choose for my Wedding Signs? 

        Custom Wedding Signs

        You want to make sure that all your wedding details are just right and this includes the first piece of wedding decor that your guests will see, the signage. When it comes to choosing a material for your wedding signs, the options are endless. First, it is important to think about the purpose of the sign. Is it going to be used just on the day, or will you like to use it as a keepsake after? Secondly, it is also important to think about if the sign will withstand the events of the day. There is nothing worse than a limp sign that got soaked during an over-exuberant toast. Next, perhaps consider the function of the sign, maybe not all signs need to be made from the same material? 

        The most common sign materials for wedding signs are 

        • Acrylic
        • Wood
        • Foam Core Board
        • Cardboard
        • Enamelled Metal
        • Slate
        • Old Vintage Mirrors
        • Chalkboards

        Wedding Table Signs

        Choosing Wedding Signage

        Wedding signs are not just for show, they perform an important function of directing guests on your big day. However, the decision of which material to use ultimately depends on your personal taste.

        For those on a tight budget, old photo frames make a great and visually inviting option. Just remove the backing and add your text to the glass in a calligraphy font using a gold sharpie. A country wedding may benefit from rustic framed chalkboard signs. Simply add a salvaged wooden frame to the chalkboard of your choice and then add whatever text you want using a chalk pen. Perhaps a bold graphic design printed onto cardboard will appeal to a modern, city-dwelling couple. Dazzle with bright, geometric shapes and bold, striking font to set the tone for your guests. 

        For those who want the memories to last a lifetime, enamel signs are a perfect option. Choose your colour theme, decide on your text and trim and enjoy signs that won’t tarnish or fade. Choose your favourite couple quotes, commemorate the date of the wedding or make a ‘Mr and Mrs’ sign to debut your new couple status. 

        Gifting a Sign as a Wedding Present

        Of course, wedding signs don’t have to be limited to the display signs for guests. A commemorative sign of the big day is a thoughtful gesture that is often overlooked. Gift the newlyweds with something they will treasure forever and mark their special day with a customised sign. 

        Adding a unique personal touch to a corner of your home or office is something that will bring a smile to the face of the onlooker. Signs such as ‘Mr & Mrs Jones’ are a popular choice. Or perhaps a sign of the date of their big day or a custom couple milestone timeline charting out the relationship are all ideal presents for the newlyweds. 

        Personalised signs don’t have to be gifts reserved for the happy couple. There are many people that make a wedding day special and it is important to celebrate the special bond that is shared with your loved ones. 

        Father of the Bride Gifts 

        The father of the bride plays an important role in the bride’s wedding day. The day itself probably feels as significant to him as it does to the bride. He watched her grow up, fall in love and now he is supporting her marriage. As thanks for walking the bride down the aisle, giving a speech to all the guests and sharing the first dance with the bride, a customised gift is the perfect way to show you care. 

        Dads are notoriously very difficult to buy for, they seem to have everything they desire and don’t want you to spend money on them. However, a gift that will spark his interest and combine his personal style with a big dose of sentimentality is a personalised sign. 

        You cannot go wrong with a personalised sign. Showcase one of his favourite quotes, write him a personal declaration of your appreciation of him or find a nice quote about family to show you care. 

        Bridesmaid Gifts 

        The bride’s best friends have been with you through thick and thin. They have earnt their brownie points organising a blowout hen night, been witness to more than one bridezilla moment and ensure that the bride arrives at the chapel on time. They are the bride’s guardian angels and their hard work deserves to be recognised. 

        However, it is not uncommon for bridesmaids to all have very different personalities which make getting a gift that everyone will love somewhat of a headache. A poignant and meaningful gift is a touching token of friendship and something that can be cherished long after the wedding day. 

        As enamel signs come in all shapes and sizes, why not get creative and turn a small sign into a customised key charm? Not only is it practical but it also will remind your bridesmaids of your love for them each time they use their keys. Personalise each one with a simple ‘Thank You’ message that will make each bridesmaid feel loved and special.

        Wedding Anniversary Signs

        Whether you have been married a full year or quarter of a century, each anniversary is a beautiful celebration of love and commitment. Choosing a gift that really speaks to the heart and also reminds your loved one of your wedding day is not easy to find. Will you go down the route of the traditional anniversary gifts such as 1 year is a paper anniversary or will you invent your own traditions? 

        If you are brave enough to break away from traditions, a personalised gift is a great way to show that you care. Wedding anniversary signs have become a popular gifting trend in recent years with loved ones wanting to immortalise their favourite quotes and love notes. 

        There are so many creative ways to show how much you love someone through customised signage. Why not custom make a sign with the part of the lyrics to the song you danced your first dance to and then mount it onto a wooden tea tray. This will make tea time all the more entertaining and always ensure you have a story to tell your tea guests. If tea trays are not your thing, why not design a stylish bedroom door sign saying something like ‘Mr & Mrs’. Every time you open your bedroom door you will be reminded of your beautiful love for each other and it will also give your door a hotel-like vibe.

        Perhaps you have recently bought your first property together and want to treat your partner to some stylish home decor. A customised house number or nameplate is a creative and perfect way to celebrate and decorate your home. Not only will you be able to show off your shared surname, but you will also boost your curb appeal in the process which will also gain you extra brownie points. 

        Some landmark anniversaries such as gold or silver call for big family gatherings. However, it is so easy to fall into the trap of buying an expensive bottle of champagne and some flowers as the gift. While this is lovely, it is just not personal nor memorable. Gifting the happy couple a sign personalised with a special message to them is a creative and fun way to celebrate their love.

        Why Choose Ramsign For Your Wedding Signs? 

        Personalised Wedding Sign

        Enamel signs may not be an immediately obvious choice for your wedding signs. However, upon closer inspection, enamel signs are beautiful, romantic, traditional, enduring  and they make perfect keepsakes from your big day. All this makes original handcrafted enamel signs the ideal choice for wedding signage. 

        Gifts for the Family

        Easily identify which side each family has to sit on with a tasteful and eye-catching nameplate. Not only does this sign help avoid awkward confusion on the day, but they also make great gifts for the families of the bride and groom. It is a great way to make them feel included in the day’s festivities as well as showing family pride. Because enamel signs are hand stencilled, they are designed to be cherished for many years to come and even handed down to future generations. 

        They are Weatherproof

        Come rain or shine, an enamel sign will still appear as new as the day that it was designed. The generous layers of enamel provide a glossy finish which withstands temperatures and weather conditions at both ends of the spectruRustproofoof, UV light resistant and graffiti proof, these signs really are durable and resilient. Most signs have a protective coating or treatment to protect them from the elements. But sooner or later the protection fails and we all know the miserable result. In contrast, enamel signs consist of glass fused to a steel core. These materials make enamel signs inherently strong, and in fact, completely unaffected by everything nature throws at them. From the humidity of the Scottish Highlands and the changeable northern European weather to the scorching heat of the Australian Outback or Las Vegas, these signs are a great worry-free option for an outdoor wedding. 

        A Personal Touch

        The most important factor in choosing your wedding signs is the personal connection you feel. Your signage sets the tone of the day, translates your theme to your guests and allows people to see your personality shine through your designs. Enamel signs allow you to control the creative process from start to finish and curate signs that truly speak your language.

        So, let’s make this year the year of love and celebrate your magical connection through our personalised signage.  Get inspired by the range of colours available and have a play with creating signs with your very own personal style on our product personaliser.

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