Garden wall art is a quick, easy and affordable way to add life to your outdoor space

Garden Wall Art
15 Ways to Add Personality To Your Space

If you are keen to update your outdoor living space, garden wall art offers a quick and easy fix. Plus, it looks good all year round. And, with good weather on the horizon, now is the time to turn your garden into a sanctuary of peace. Often our gardens are the product of many years of digging, rock removing, and seeding. They are a reflection of who we are and what we want to portray to the world. Take your garden design to the next level with design-focused, stylish decor signs. Read on to discover the 15 ways your garden could benefit from unique signage.

Enjoy a relaxing space outside with garden ornaments


Shoes Off Before Entering The House - Garden Wall Art Ideas


Garden Signs for a Living Wall:

Add a statement to your garden with garden wall art
Create a gallery wall with your garden wall art


Create a Gallery of Garden Wall Art:


Never Lose Track of Which Herb Is Which

Garden wall art is a quick, easy and affordable way to add life to your outdoor space
Metal signs are great addition to your garden ornaments


Garden Metal Wall Art for your Words of Wisdom:


Create Garden Bar Accessories

Garden wall art can be used to create a garden bar
Beware of the dog garden wall art warns visitors upon their arrival to your property


Beware of the Dog Garden Accessories UK


Men and Their Sheds

Garden wall art can be used to brighten up a shed or outdoor workspace
Garden wall art can be used to show off your house sign or welcome sign


Welcome Home Garden Wall Art Uk


Turn Your Garden Wall Into A Billboard

Antique enamel advertising signs are a great decoration for your house
Garden ornaments come in all shapes and sizes including enamel signs


Colour Blocking Your Garden Ornaments:


One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Garden ornaments help to add a sense of personality to your space
Sign post your vegetable patch with some garden wall art


Give Every Corner a Name with Garden Wall Art


Save The Bees - Wall Ornament

Garden ornaments can be used to provide refuge to even the smallest of creatures
Garden ornaments add life and playfulness to your outside space.


Light Up Your Garden Sculptures

Shop Garden Wall Art

House Numbers

Our smaller signs can be customised to include a house number.



Our medium sized signs can be customised to include short phrases or names.


Address Plaques

Our largest signs can include a mix of numbers and letters, perfect for creating unique address plaques.

Ask Nick: 

Can vitreous enamel signs be placed outside?

Talented craftsmen apply the enamel coating of RAMSIGN signs by hand. The process is carried out in layers creating a tough surface once the sign has been fired in the kiln. All RAMSIGN enamel signs are suitable for outdoor use. And, unlike other metal signs, they do not fade or damage overtime.