Metal wall art is a great way to add colour and vibrance to your home

Metal Wall Art: Enamel Signs Reimagined

Our homes are a blank canvas for us to share our personality and creativity with the world. Each wall is waiting to be customised with photos, art prints or metal wall art that has been painstakingly chosen for its aesthetically pleasing qualities. Over the years, walls have taken on a new meaning. They are no longer used for just structural purposes but instead, they form the background to a carefully curated gallery of personal items and memories.

Metal wall art is a great way to add colour and vibrance to your home

Make a Statement with Metal Wall Art

Metal Signs for the Home

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How to use Vintage Enamel Signs at home?

For food lovers, it only seems appropriate to incorporate vintage advertising from much-loved brands into the kitchen decor. Since most advertising focussed on food brands, it is easy to find a classic, good looking vintage enamel sign such as one from Tate and Lyles, Cadbury or Fry’s Chocolate. Alternatively, to recreate the feeling of happy hour, a vintage advertising sign from an alcohol company is a creative way to incorporate kitchen wall art into the dining area. 

Mix Quote Wall Art with Gallery Wall Frames

Song Lyrics, Poems and More...

Illuminated Wall Art

Add a motivational quote to your sign design and give it to someone special

Personalised Metal Signs

Of course, the ultimate way to add personality to your space is by customising your metal wall art to add a personal touch to your gallery wall art. While this could be as easy as creating a personalised name plaque to celebrate your family name, there are so many other ways to get creative with enamel signs

Turn your enamel signs into a calendar and never forget a special date again

Never Lose Track of Time with a Calendar Wall

Make a Stylish First Impression

Welcome home signs are the ideal housewarming gifts for friends and family.
Family time should be celebrated with family garden signs

Celebrate Family Moments Together

Blue enamel signs make classic house numbers or mailbox signs

Why Choose Enamel for Your House Signs?

Of course, when creating metal signage for your home and garden, there are many options to choose from such as brass plaques or silver metal wall art. However, you indeed get what you pay for when it comes to metal wall art and the cheaper the sign the less durable it is. Originally nearly all signage was made using vitreous enamelled steel however, similar signs were produced using aluminium or tin and then painted which meant shorter production times and cheaper prices for consumers. These signs overshadowed enamel signs and converted them into the artisan, bespoke products we are accustomed to today.

Gift enamel signs to your loved ones and choose a thoughtful gift

Long-Lasting Quality

A Sustainable Choice

Each RAMSIGN sign has a rich, glossy colour and smooth texture with raised detailing

Metal Wall Art

A Quick Fix For Your Home Decor