Business Signage: Our Top 5 Tips

No matter how big or small your business is, good signage is a must. Not only does it give a good first impression of your brand, but it also portrays your brand’s identity. Read on to discover the RAMSIGN top 5 tips for successful business signage.

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What is Business Signage?



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Business signs made from enamel are a worthy investment since they are durable

Top Tip #2

Ensure That The Text Readable for Exterior Signage

Top Tip #3

Make The Wall Logo Sign Reflect the Brand

Enamel business signs are the best for companies that want long lasting signage
Antique enamel advertising signs are a great decoration for your house

Top Tip #4

Reflect the purpose of commercial signage

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Bathroom Sign:

Every business will have a bathroom, whether it is for the staff or customers. Separate genders or display the name of the room with pride by fixing a sign to the door. Include an icon for easy reading and keep the sign small so it doesn't dominate the space.

Welcome signs are great business signs to have in your shop and office

Reception and Wayfinding Signs:

Reception signs must be elegant and welcoming. Large enough for people to see from a distance but not too large so that it becomes intimidating. Clear typography and a simple colour scheme enable everyone to enjoy the sign. Wayfinding signs need more actions than words. Hiking trail signs or hotel hallway signs are prime examples of wayfinding signs. Think about including arrows or direction indicators to display the message.

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Office Signs

Desk signs and other office signs tend to be smaller in size. Yet, despite their reduced appearance, they still need to be readable from a distance. Streamline the colour scheme. Use an authoritative typeface to create a feeling of professionalism and welcome staff with a friendly message. Personalised signage can also increase the employee’s sense of belonging within the company. 

Top Tip #5

Use a Custom Sign Maker to Create Impact

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Ask Nick: 

Create an Impact With Your Signage

The impact factor is what turns curiosity into a conversion, be it a sale or a reservation. - Nick Brandt

This is how to wow with your signage

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Add a Graphic:

You don’t need fancy neon bar signs to catch people’s attention. Studies show that adding a graphic in an extra colour increases reader retention by 78%. At RAMSIGN, we offer a wide range of existing icons to incorporate into your design. Choose any icon from a cat, wedding bell to a car. Or, add original artwork such as a logo for a personal touch and instant brand recognition. 

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Add a Finishing Touch:

Round off your sign design by adding a slight trim to the edges of the sign. Use the same colour as the font to keep a streamlined aesthetic and make the sign easier on the eye. 

Carlsberg Brewery enamel sign

Place Your Sign on the Correct Background.

For the greatest impact, contrast is key. For light walls, choose a sign with a dark background and light text. This helps people view the sign from a distance. If the walls are dark, then it is best to choose a light sign so that customers can be sure to enjoy it in its full glory. This is important, especially when creating a business hours sign or other informative signs. 

A wall mounted post box is a fantastic option to ensure your mail doesn't go missing

Design Tips:

The Importance of Good Signage

Business Signage

Enamel Signs for Business Signage

Enamel business signs are a long-lasting investment for your brand

Business Signage

The Ramsign Promise

More about business signage

Some of the top benefits of choosing an enamel sign are:

RAMSIGN white enamel sign with black details number 4

Sustainability and Accumulated Cost

We produce our enamel signs in Europe. Each sign produced is subject to strict EU environmental laws. We use natural glass pigments and iron - both recyclable and sourced from reputable sources. And since enamel signs last a lifetime. Literally! This not only minimises production waste it also makes them very economical. At first, enamel signs appear to be the pricey alternative, but their longevity makes the accumulated cost very low. 

RAMSIGN black round enamel sign number 2

Premium Brand Image

The glossy texture and raised relief of enamel signs provide a luxurious aesthetic for your brand. Minimal maintenance and high durability mean that if cared for correctly the signs will maintain their appearance over time.

Highlander collection house number


Porcelain enamel is produced in a way that makes the sign highly durable. Signs can be subjected to drastic temperature changes or adverse weather conditions and remain their glossy shine. Well cared for enamel signs are known to maintain their original condition for decades.

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