Vintage enamel signs are popular collectors items and can be found at auctions across the world

Everything to know about Vintage Enamel Signs

There is something so instantly alluring about vintage enamel signs. The rainbow glossy paintwork and the delicate raised relief of the signs have the power to bewitch the onlooker into a lifelong love affair with just one glance. The subject matter of antique enamel signs is equally captivating, offering an escape to a bygone time when cigarette advertisements coexisted with adverts for Pond’s Cold Cream or Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate. Unimaginable in today's world, this form of advertising was considered mainstream until well into the 1930s.

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What is a Vintage Enamel Sign?

An enamel sign is a metal plaque that has been coated in layers of vitreous enamel to create a pleasing design. To understand the importance and the appeal of these enamelled signs, one must consider the social context which surrounds them. Witness to decades of vast social change, the signs reflect the daily life of millions of people that experienced a world both before, during and after, the two life-changing world wars.

The European industrial revolution is what kickstarted the mass production of enamel signs.

A Sign of the Changing Times

Vintage Enamel Signs

The First Enamel Signs

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Vintage enamel signs are popular collectors items and can be found at auctions across the world

Vintage Enamel Signs

What is a Vintage Advertising Sign?

Today, enamel signs are considered to be vintage items that are held as prized possessions by avid collectors across the globe. Depending on the rarity of the sign, prices at auctions can reach well into the thousands of pounds. There are many factors behind what makes a vintage enamel sign a collectable item, however, I will share with you some of the key things to know about enamel signs for sale

Antique enamel advertising signs are a great decoration for your house

The Condition of the Vintage Metal Signs

To Restore or Not to Restore?

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The Visual Appeal of Old Metal Signs

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Why are vintage enamel signs so popular?

Good branding is just one factor that boosts the visual appeal of the signs, but many design factors also contribute to a high price tag. The size and shape of the sign plays a big role in the sign’s desirability and methods such as embossing make signs very popular due to the characteristic 3-D shapes created. Colour is also a big factor in boosting a sign’s appeal. The colours need to be rich, eye-catching and inviting, and the beauty of enamel is that there are a wide array of colours available.

The Size of the Retro Metal Signs

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The Rarity Factor of the Antique Metal Signs

Enamel business signage is the most economic and eco-friendly option for your business

Metal Advertising Signs For Your Home

A vintage enamel sign is the icing on the cake for the retro homeowner. It adds an authentic touch to the interior decor as well as being a great ice breaker for starting a conversation when guests come to visit. Whether displayed in the kitchen, bathroom, man cave or garage, a vintage enamel sign is a fun and creative way to make a living space more dynamic.

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European French house signs are the inspiration behind the Metropolitan collection

Adding Vintage Signs to your Home

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Vintage Enamel Signs

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Vintage Enamel Signs

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