How-to: Customise your mailbox with signage

Heads up! Snail mail is making a comeback and we cannot wait! In a world dominated by the pings and buzzes of social media notifications, handwritten letters are a breath of fresh air. Don't think utility bills or publicity, think postcards from holiday destinations, letters from friends or family members, or even a love letter - who knows? It is time to dust off your mailbox and boost your curb appeal. Discover how to beautify your garden by choosing the best signage for your wall mounted post box.

The post box was the first of the personal mailboxes used in the UK

The Origins of the Wall Mounted Post Box

Did you know?

Studies show that in 2019, 10.3 billion addressed letters were sent in the UK!

The Styles of Post Boxes For Sale in the UK

Traditional mailboxes also need mailbox signs too

Adios Chrome Letterbox, the Flamingo mailbox has arrived!

Add a touch of fun to your outside space with a creative mailbox. From flamingos to boats, people are embracing the DIY trend and giving their mailboxes a fresh new life. Make people stop and stare with a statement mailbox.

The Monochrome, Modern Mailbox

Sleek, sophisticated and secure. These are the properties that any modern mailbox should possess. Ideal for urban dwellings, this mailbox offers a refined edge to complement an equally modern build.

A Mini Version of the Large Post Box

Sometimes a classic design is hard to beat. For some, this is certainly the case with the iconic red post box. The bold red adds an inviting touch which is enhanced by the golden lettering. For a quintessentially British home, there is no other option than the red post box.

Embrace Nature with a Wooden Postbox

Add a natural touch to your home with the addition of a wooden postbox. Ideal for a rural property, the rustic materials create a soft and welcoming appearance for your home. Combine wood with metal to give the mailbox a modern appeal to fit any suburban home.

Update your Wall Mounted Letterbox

Enamel signs are wonderful mailbox signs thanks to their durability. Choose the Highlander collection for a classic look.

Take Your Outdoor Post Box to the Next Level with Custom Signage

Steel Mailbox House Numbers

White In Stock Sign number 2

Wall Post Box Name Plaques

Have You Considered Enamel Signs for your Wall Letter Box?

How to Choose a Mailbox Sign for your Outside Post Box

Just like when choosing any design, there are many factors to consider. But, don’t let this become a daunting task. As with any DIY project, it is important to do your research before rushing to make a purchase. Mailbox signage is no different. Read on to discover our top tips for taking this must-have garden accessory to a whole new level.

Adding number mailbox signs to your mailbox adds a clear indicator to the postman

How To Choose a Mailbox Sign

Define the Purpose

How To Choose A Mailbox

Make Your House Feel Like a Home

Mailbox signs add a quirky touch to your living space.

How To Choose A Mailbox Sign

Let Your Mailbox Do The Talking

You don't need fancy tools to put up mailbox signs

How to Fasten a Sign to my Mailbox?

Depending on the style of sign you decide upon, there are many ways a sign can be fitted to a mailbox. The most popular methods are the following: 

- Magnets

- Screws

- Adhesive Strips 

These three methods are fail-safe, foolproof and affordable. All the materials can be found easily at your local hardware store and offer a long-lasting hold for your sign.

Simple mailbox signs can be used to show house numbers


Magnets for Mailboxes


Mailbox Screws

Blue enamel signs make classic house numbers or mailbox signs
No junk mail mailbox signs are ideal to stop receiving unwanted post


Adhesive Strips for Mailboxes

Adding Letterbox Signs to your Home

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