House Number Signs

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Create a unique and personal living space with the addition of one of our custom made house number signs. Our door signs not only offer a stylish, classic design, they are extremely durable and are weatherproof even in the harshest of environments. Experiment adding personality to your home with a new house number plaque.

Discover Our Stylish Door Numbers

The devil is in the details and it is those small finishing touches that make your house a home. Something as simple as a house number plaque instantly adds personality and individuality to your living space as well as making a wonderful talking point when guests come for tea.

Everyday Design Classics

The well designed functional elements of your property are not just pleasing to the eye, they also serve a purpose. At RAMSIGN, we believe that design and function can live hand in hand and our door signs are designed with this principal in mind. Each one of our house number signs has been created to capture the imagination and welcome people home.

The History of Enamel House Number Signs

Enamel sign production began across Northern Europe in the early 19th century and by the late 1850s they were mass produced, albeit by hand. Originally only produced with an ultramarine background and white details, this colour combination has since become iconic of the era. During the second world war, the production of enamel signs halted as the metal and resources were needed for the war effort and slowly the art of enamel sign production died out.

The Final Touch

Sometimes all it takes is the addition of one final element to bring the interior design of a home together. Taking time to think about the appearance of your house number plaque will ensure that each welcome home fills you with joy.

Bespoke House Number Signs

Are you struggling to find a house number plaque that matches the style of your home? We offer a bespoke design service which hands over the design control to you. Choose from a range of shapes, colours, styles and fonts to create a weatherproof, long lasting house number plaque for your entranceway.

Commemorate the Occasion - A New Home

Moving into a new property is a big change in life, it marks an end and a new beginning. Celebrate this momentous moment by adding a personal touch to your new space in the form of a bespoke house number plaque. Browse our collection of house number signs and customise it to suit your needs, or give one as a housewarming gift for someone’s new home.
Ramsign house signs are durable outdoor house number signs for any home

A Fusion of Old Meets New

Taking the classic design of vintage door signs, we spin a modern touch creating house number signs that fit the style of homes today. Whether you live in a geometric modern property of a classic mid century build there is a sign to fit your needs.

Why Isn’t Enamel Signage Mass Produced Today?

Travelling around the big European cities, you will notice that they all share one thing in common. The street signs are all designed to look like the original enamel signs that once hung in their place. In some cities, the real signs are still visible. Due to the decline in enamel production during the war age, cheaper alternatives emerged and took over the market share. Today, very few people continue to produce enamel signs but those who do are keeping this tradition and craft alive for future generations.

Our Collection of Door Numbers

Each one of our carefully curated collections is designed to provide that small but impactful accent to your home. Combining a range of sizes and colour combinations, our collections are left blank so that you can customise them to suit your needs. Simply use our product personaliser to achieve your desired look and if you don’t reach it our special orders page allows for 100% unique designs to be made.

Craftsmanship and Elegance in a House Sign

Each one of the house signs we make is individually made by hand, layer by layer using an exact heat process. What gives our address numbers their charm? Every piece we produce and ship is individually made. We fabricate our signs layer by layer, using a precise heating process. This creates a truly unique, handmade keepsake for your home.

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