Nick Brandt is the founder and CEO of RAMSIGN enamel house sign company originating from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nick Brandt

The Founder

“Good design delivers timeless functionality and beauty. Invest in good design, and you will prosper and inspire others to do the same.”


“I’ve always loved the idea of taking a time and tested design or typography and using it to create new products.”


“I am on a mission to bring more character, beauty and style into the everyday lives of as many people as possible. Reviving the old craft of enamel sign making is a great way of doing just that.” 


Nick Brandt, founded Ramsign in 1991 after collaborating with Carlsberg

“I don’t think that there is anyone else that designs the way Ramsign does. I feel this reflects back on our team. Everyday everyone is fully engaged in making the dream a reality. And our customers get it.” 

Less Is More

“Creating a new design or material is not a big accomplishment in itself. Most things have already been created in a beautiful, durable and sustainable way. One of them is enamel signs.” 

The Road Ahead

“It fills me with great joy to see so many of our signs in the streets wherever I look. It is a dream come true, and we’re just beginning.”