Name Plates

House Name Plates for the interior and the exterior

Add a personal touch to your space with one of our house number plates. Creating a custom sign not only helps deliver your message to others but it adds a strong decorative element to your property. Commonly placed on front doors, gate posts and in entrance-ways these door name plates add the perfect finishing touch to your home.


One Small Sign, One Million Uses

Good things certainly come in small packages and that includes our hand stencilled house name plates. The smallest range of signs that we make our door name plates can be used for door signage as well as for plant signs, keyrings, pendants, the list goes on.

Add A Name to Your Home

Adding a name to your building is a tradition that has spanned the globe for generations. Whether you want to place your family name on your door or add personality to your home with a stylish house name, our door name plates offer the perfect way to do this.

Door Name Plates for Your Interior Decor

A house sign isn’t just for the front door, inside the home there are plenty of ways in which you can use a sign. From the foyer to the kitchen welcome people into your home with a sign that exudes personality and style. In the office, a well designed sign helps direct people to where they need to be and adds a professional touch to a doctor’s office, lawyers suit or a classroom. As our signs are made of enamel, they will also not tarnish or lose their lustre.

Bespoke House Number Plates

Creating something unique only happens when care and attention is taken to choose the fonts, colours, shape and size of the sign. Our collections are fully customisable but if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can create a truly one off design using our special orders page. Try your hand as a designer and let us help you turn your signage vision into a reality.

Insider Tip: Stylish House Name Plates

Feel proud of your home and show the world you care about your living space with an artfully designed house sign. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, a personalised name plate adds character to your walls. Be inspired by the design possibilities available and see our special orders page to have full creative freedom with your design.

Mark the Occasion: A New Born Baby

A new bundle of joy has arrived! Celebrate this momentous occasion and mark the moment in time with a timeless personalised baby sign. Made to order, our handmade enamel house name plates are designed to last a lifetime. Decide upon your colour scheme, then pick the size and shape of the sign and finish off your personalisation with a touching message for the little one.

What is the traditional use of House Name Plates?

Once upon a time, enamel sign production was commonplace In many European countries. This led to people incorporating them into their home decoration plans, especially in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries where house name plates were placed on a cottage or country estate. In addition to this, small enamel signs were placed on doors and mailboxes adding an extra welcome home. Designed for the inside and out, our signs can withstand extreme weather without losing their lustre.

Designed with Love in Denmark

All of our house name plates are designed and manufactured in Europe maintaining traditional methods of production that date back to the nineteenth century. Each one of our signs is lovingly handmade and fired in a kiln to create a glossy, smooth texture with high relief details. Due to the methods used during the production process, our signs are so durable that they can last a lifetime without losing their vibrance or original appearance. They are also able to withstand extreme changes in temperature and harsh climates, making them the ideal house signs.

Our Collection of House Name Plates

Since 1991, RAMSIGN has been in the business of providing high quality, personalised and unique signage. Each name plate produced is testament to the hard work and authentic techniques used in the artisan production process. Create an inviting welcome home with a custom name plate and have fun playing with the design options available.

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