Our Story

Nick Brandt, Founder and CEO at Ramsign Ltd

Quality Danish Design Since 1991


Denmark has been known for stylish design since the days of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. It was during this time that new manufacturing techniques brought a new kind of craftsmanship and design possibilities to the market. At RAMSIGN, we have channelled this innovative spirit for over 25 years in order to create each sign in the most authentic way.


Once a dying art form, RAMSIGN was the first company in Denmark to resurrect the art of producing hand stencilled vitreous enamel signs. It has since carved out a niche for authentic designs that are made to last for generations.


Championing Danish Design, RAMSIGN was founded by Nick Brandt in 1991. RAMSIGN began working on building their roster of clients and quickly gained the attention of Carlsberg brewery who invested in the signs and Nick Brandt’s vision. From then onward, the company’s ambition and passion has taken RAMSIGN from its humble roots to the blossoming international business it is today. 


From the initial design stages to the finishing touches, a skilled team of artisans work closely together to do justice to each design. RAMSIGN’S  exceptionally high standards and the complex artistry of their craftsmen mean that each RAMSIGN sign is a flawless and timeless piece that is loved and cherished by the homeowner. 

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