Engelhardt House Numbers

The Engelhardt Collection plays homage to the first Danish industrial designer, Knud V. Engelhardt through enamel house numbers, nameplates and address plaques.

Knud V. Engelhardt was Denmarks first industrial designer and our Engelhardt collection pays tribute to his work

What's the link between Knud V. Engelhardt and house numbers?

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Charlottelund enamel signs are inspired by the work of Engelhardt and from the base of the Engelhardt collection

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"We have chosen to honour Engelhardt's work in this collection thanks to his influence on Danish Design."

- Nick Brandt -
Founder of RAMSIGN

A Collection of Black Metal House Signs

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Today, our Engelhardt collection aims to keep the functionalist spirit of Engelhardt's Copenhagen street signs alive. Using authentic typefaces and colours, our house numbers embody our Danish identity.

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