Our Metropolitan collection brings the long history of hand stenciled porcelain sign fabrication to modern-day design. Dating back to the nineteenth century, blue enamel signs were among the first to be mass produced and widely used throughout continental Europe. Our Metropolitan blue collection is meticulously crafted after this archetypal style. Authentic and elegant, it is our most popular collection.


Masonry, hewn stone, and smooth-faced rustication are all fitting backgrounds for our Metropolitan blue porcelain enamelled signs. The pigment, derived from chromium dioxide, produces an amazing deep-blue colour when fired. Timeless and versatile, the Metropolitan house numbers and address plaques work well in both town and country.

The Places & Spaces
for a Metropolitan

The Entranceway. In addition to house numbers and address plaques, our Metropolitan blue porcelain enameled signs are a favored style for directional signs. Parking signs, beware of dog warnings, and driveway access instructions are just a few of our customer requests.

The Single-Family Residence. Although the origins of our Metropolitan design can be traced to the growth of the modern city, the signature blue signs have expanded beyond the city limits. The subdued but eye-catching colour stands out on neutral or light backgrounds. Whether you want a family nameplate on a mailbox or a larger scale address plaque, our weatherproof signs are suitable for all exteriors.

The Townhouse. Our Metropolitan signs represent more than markers to identify a location and orient visitors, when mounted they become part of the urban backdrop. Frequently used on townhouse and residential building façades, our distinctive blue signs act as a unifying element to the streetscape. Walk down the streets of Paris and other European cities and you will begin to see a the rhythm between street sign and house number.


It is the quintessential classic northern European enamel sign. Finished with a enduring gloss, Metropolitan house numbers and residential signage add colour depth, without compromising on visual clarity. Embodying both tradition and contemporary aesthetic, Metropolitan is truly our cornerstone collection. Every personalised sign comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteed to maintain its original intensity of hue.


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